One of my earliest art memories include Japanese ink (sumi), a lazy afternoon, and a plethora of ink brushes. As an adult I have decided to revisit and relive that memory in my current paintings while adding an urban edge. In my Urban Enso series I created a Zen Enso (circle) with Japanese ink, followed by a splash of spray paint, and then finished with color accents. My mixed media approach is a way to harmoniously combine the old and the urban Zen, if you will. I currently reside in Seattle where street art can be found all around. I take inspiration from my surroundings; from the vibrant colors of street art, to the more understated and subdued natural landscape of Seattle.  


   It's about a moment; a fleeting moment. It's about a feeling; an ethereal feeling. And it's all about the challenge of capturing that in a single brushstroke, then learning to walk away from it.